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We are Factory Certified and Trained to service or repair all models of Lexus

Automotive Perfection is a leading supplier of Import auto repair in Spring Arbor, MI. We have the latest in diagnostic computers to make sure we find out what is wrong with your car the first time and in a timely manner.

Is it time for you to take your vehicle in to a Lexus mechanic for a tune-up? Wiper blades, oil changes, and much more are part of standard vehicle maintenance. The turning of the seasons are a good time to take a good look at your vehicle and have it inspected for signs of wear and tear. Standard tune ups and maintenance will help prevent major issues in the future. Follow this Lexus service checklist to keep your car running in tip top shape.

  • Seasonal Check up

    Part of the vehicles check up should include a Lexus tune up at your local mechanic. Where we will;

    • Check your fluids for drips, levels, and leaks.
    • Inspect hoses and belts for tears.
    • Clean and check the battery and connections.
    • Check the brake system, including rotors and fluids.
    • Test the heating and cooling systems to make sure
    • Inspect the tires
    • Check all lights for bulb outages and obscured light covers.
    • Perform an oil change.
    • Run a complete systems diagnostic

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  • Benefits of Regular Tune-ups

    In addition to the enjoyment of a smoothly running Lexus, regular maintenance improves your safety. You have less chance of a breakdown when you are in the middle of nowhere, or having a failure while you are driving. Regular Lexus repair and maintenance is also a great way to save money. Small expenditures on maintenance will prevent you from having to shell out big bucks later when something minor turns major. Additionally, regular maintenance can help maintain your car’s value, and fight off depreciation.

Whether you need a Tune up or a Lexus Brake repair, Automotive Perfection is the place to be, we offer service to both Grass Lake, MI and Albion, MI areas.

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