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We are a Toyota certified repair facility as well as Hybrid trained/specialists

Performing basic maintenance on your vehicle will ensure that your car runs smoothly for many years.  Doing routine maintenance will also result in lower repair costs and you’ll get more enjoyment out of your car for a longer period of time. Take it to your local Toyota mechanic, Automotive Perfection, so we can do the maintenance for you.


Things do go wrong outside of the regularly required maintenance, here are a few things to watch for;

  • Check your tires

    Look for correct inflation and keep an eye on their wear. Uneven wear means that you could have an alignment issue and should probably take it to a Toyota repair shop to look at. If the tires start to show excessive wear then you should replace them pretty soon, the weather in Spring Arbor, MI can get pretty intense and you don’t want to be caught in slippery conditions with bald tires.

  • Check for drips

    Look underneath for any signs of leakage, if there’s a leak, take your car for Toyota service.

  • Check the exhaust

    Abnormal smoke, can be a sign of an engine problem, watch for clouds of blue, black or white exhaust when you accelerate.

When you take your vehicle into Automotive Perfection there are some basics that we automatically perform, these are standard routine and usually on top of any repairs:

  • Check the engine oil level and quality

    Your mechanic will look at the oil quality to see if there are any problems. The oil can tell a lot about your car, he will look for signs of water and metal filings. He can also tell if you are burning it excessively.

  • Check the antifreeze or coolant level

    A standard service check will include your anti freeze levels and ensure that your system doesn’t have any blockages or leaking hoses.

  • Check the brake fluid levels

    Your brake fluid can also tell a story to the mechanic. If the brake fluid levels are consistently low or discolored then you might need a Toyota brake repair. Either way, if something is off in the fluid, the mechanic will still have to look at your brake system.

  • Check the battery system

    If you own a hybrid checking the battery and its charging system is important to ensure that your vehicle continues to run smoothly

  • Check your power steering fluid

    This is not a critical repair, but low power steering fluid can wear out the bearings in the steering wheel and make for a much rougher drive. It can also be a symptom of a larger problem.

If you are in the Brooklyn, MI area then come into Automotive Perfection and we will help you with the standard maintenance. We are a Toyota certified repair facility as well as Hybrid trained/specialists that will make sure your Toyota is running at it’s peak performance. Whether you drive a newer Hybrid or an older Toyota, we have you covered with expertly trained mechanics, each with their own field of expertise. Next time you are in Grass Lake, MI or Albion, MI it’s not far, stop on by.

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